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At PIE Multilingual, our market research team is second to none. We are equipped with necessary infrastructure including the latest technologies to perform various tasks of market research. While outsourcing your market research requirements to us, you get the following advantages

  • In depth Analysis
  • Save money on operational costs
  • Analyze various factors included in the research easily

Our market research experts come from diverse backgrounds. These professionals possess the required qualifications for conducting market research projects. Outsource Research consulting to us and get desired research and analytic solution from our research experts.


PIE Multilingual is intended for providing practical processes and tools to collect useful information in all fields of study. Our aim deals in identifying a vast range of data gathering methods and developing innovative ways of performing research. Our bespoke solutions include:-

  • Online Data Collection
  • Telephone Data collection
  • Face to face interview
  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research

Through our cost effective and superior quality multilingual data collection services, we severe various industry verticals like financial, legal, real estate, insurance, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and many more. We gather data thorough varied secondary and primary sources for performing qualitative research.


PIE Multilingual provides an effective means for gathering and sharing information on respondents, when you do not have the resources or time to conduct research by yourself. We perform research for you and provide you with detailed report within short span of time. Get distinctive solution from our on demand research support.

  • High level understanding of business challenges
  • Customized research model to get desired output on required output
  • Deep subject matter expert with multilingual expertise

Our on demand research model allows you to engage with us without facing difficulties of a typical offshoring engagement. Partnering with Multilingual Research outsourcing company will be an added advantage in your expertise.

Acquiring right knowledge and factoring it suffice a need is the secret to business’s success. This is the reason PIE Multilingual is here to help your business with various market research services, so that you can stay ahead of competition. Whether you aspire to enter into a new market or keep abreast with current market trends, we provide you with real time market research solutions that focus on challenges, issues and much needed intelligence on real time conditions. The team at PIE Multilingual is adept at conducting customized surveys, competitive analysis, collecting multilingual data and preparing in-depth market research reports. Allow us to be your trusted partner for sufficing your market research needs and taking your business to the next level of success.

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