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Bilingual Transcription Support


Problem Definition

An influential educationist from a renowned university in France required some bilingual transcriptions in French and German. He had two bottlenecks to deal with. One, he required the assistance of a firm who can provide proficient bilingual transcription services in both languages. Second, he needed the transcripts under tight deadlines of 4-6 hours. The entire procedure required understanding the source scripts and accurately transcribing the same in French and German within the specified deadline.

Business Requirements

The educationist had two major challenges to address. First, he required the transcripts to be produced directly from the source language to the targeted language without any intermediate translation to a secondary language like English. Second, he had to get the transcriptions done under very tight deadlines. Therefore, the educationist was looking for a company who can provide multilingual audio transcription services in swift turnaround time without losing the essence of the original content.

PMS Approach

We at Pie Multilingual applied a strategic approach to deal with the scenario. We employed our best linguistics and language experts to handle the project. Our language experts carried out the transcriptions effectively in the specified time frame maintaining the essence of the original content. The domain expertise and in-depth knowledge of our language experts helped us in pulling the project within the specified deadline. Our experts maintained the language notations, grammar, slangs, and glossary to produce the resulting transcripts in French and German. The client found the transcripts very effective, informative, complete, and helpful. We at Pie Multilingual delivered the project in swift turnaround time with complete accuracy and best quality.

Deliverables and Benefits

  • Accurate transcripts in French and German
  • Deliverables provided in swift turnaround time
  • Client satisfaction with the desired quality
About Bilingual Audio Transcription Company

Pie Multilingual is a globally operating professional service firm that delivers superior multilingual transcription services to SMEs, academies, universities, corporate, as well as small and large business organizations.

We have successfully worked across multiple industrial sectors from automobiles, retail, and academics to consumer goods and healthcare. Our services have provided valuable support to a variety of business activities ranging from business development to business operations.

We work closely with corporate, government houses, and embassies to provide superior solutions at great economics.

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Bilingual Transcription Service Company Advantages

PIE Multilingual Services is a Business Service company that helps to cut operation cost. By providing superior service at economical cost this company is able to generate extra revenue for them.


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