Data Security
Multilingual Company data Security:-
  • Pre-Planned Data Security Policy
  • Regular Backup and Update
  • Secured Firewall
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Data Security & Privacy at Pie Multilingual

Being a multilingual outsourcing partner, we understand the value of safety and security of our clients’ data. Client data security has always remained our foremost concern. For this reason, Pie Multilingual has implemented strict security policies to protect sensitive client data. Our security measures are implemented to protect your data both legally and physically.

Data security measures are taken at both physical and legal levels to maintain confidentiality and security of all multilingual projects and client data. We provide selective and limited access to all the projects and client data. Only authorized personals involved in your project can access the information.

Legal measures to protect data

We take strict measures in protecting the delicate information and preserving them against any sort of infringement or encroachment. We sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) with our clients for each project and abide by the agreement. One of the key areas of our NDAs is accessibility and authorization. Non-other than the authorized personals can access the data. To ensure this, we also conduct frequent audits.

Technical measures to protect data

Our network is set up on a very secured infrastructure. We have implemented a robust network security infrastructure with a firewall protecting all our data from any external access. We also use a highly secure and encrypted VPN tunnel to access client data.

Data Security measures

Some of the key data security measures adopted at Pie Multilingual include:

Authorization: As soon as a project is received by Pie Multilingual, we assign a security label based on priorities and NDA agreement. Next, the project is assigned to a team of experts having experience on those projects. We implement individual project level login credentials apart from the workstation login credentials. This notifies us if anyone tries to access a different project apart from the one assigned to.
Access: Only authorized personals are allowed in a project area with their customized access card. We also take note of the fact that none of the employees discuss their projects with each other.
Encryption and Storage: All our clients’ project data are encrypted and stored in a server secured by firewall and anti-virus.
Cleanup: After completion of a project, all local files are destroyed after confirming with the client
Undertaking and NDA: All employees sign an undertaking and NDA prior to working on a project.
Audit: Our audit team is very active and conducts surprise audits at regular intervals to prevent any data breach.
No Personal Gadget: Since our multilingual experts work on highly confidential projects, they are not allowed to take personal gadgets and storage devices inside the project area.
VPN Access: All projects can be accessed only through a proper VPN tunnel.

After a project is completed we hand over all documents and data to the clients. All the local system data is destroyed. Only a backup copy of the final deliverable is maintained on the backup server which is highly secured and encrypted.

Data Protection with Multilingual Business Service Company

All our VPN and Firewall are powered by international brands which ensures top-notch security. We don’t want to compromise with the security of our clients’ information and hence implement the best-in-class network security infrastructure. To discuss and know more about our data security measures, get in touch with us.

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