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When you outsource your projects to a multilingual business service company, you would expect a full-proof, error-free work without any delay. We understand your concerns and always strive to offer the best quality work in the shortest possible time. Owing to these qualities, many international organizations trust us and have partnered with Pie Multilingual for all their multilingual service needs.

We offer a plethora of benefits to our customers. Apart from taking care of your outsourced projects meticulously, our prompt response and multiple business benefits make our clients partner for a longer duration. The list of benefits is never-ending. To know more about the benefits, refer the subsequent section which explains some of the key perks of hiring Pie Multilingual for multilingual projects.

Proficient and trained professionals

We understand the need for a highly skilled workforce to deliver an excellent work to our clients. As a client you want your project to be handled by experts. One of the benefits of hiring Pie Multilingual is our workforce who are adept in their respective area.

Our workforce consists of proficient and trained people who can deliver error-free and high-quality work. We select through a very rigorous process. We test various aspects of proficiency and train them in all necessary skills. In our multilingual organization, training is not a one-time exercise. We carry out periodic training sessions to improve the time-management skills, output proficiency, and communication skills of our staff.

Maintaining ISO quality standard

When you outsource any project to Pie Multilingual, quality happens to be the foremost concern. One of the primary benefits of hiring Pie Multilingual is the guarantee of top-notch quality work. We follow a three-tier model to retain the quality of any project. This helps us to verify and maintain an accuracy of over 99%. This includes –

  • Superior Deliverables: Each project is handled by a team of well-trained and highly skilled professionals. The experts do extensive research and complete the work to deliver the best output.
  • Scrutiny: As soon as a project is completed, it is reviewed by another expert for accuracy in terms of adherence to the subject matter, vocabulary, grammatical, and formatting errors.
  • Quality Analysis: After reviewing, the project is again examined by a QA panel to make sure that the project is free from any errors and has maintained its quality throughout.

At Pie, you get the best quality work because we are very strict about our quality guidelines which are governed by ISO standards. Moreover, periodic audits and quality checks help us to keep up and optimize the work quality. We also consider the feedback from our partners and implement them to ensure high service quality.

Reduced costs – Budget friendly service

Hiring a multilingual business service company for any task can save a fortune. Moreover, the cost of hiring and maintaining a full-time linguistic expert department can be forgone. Outsourcing your projects to a multilingual business service company like Pie will prove to be much efficient and budget-friendly. You can cut your operating cost by up to 50%. Apart from saving on operating cost, you can also get excellent quality work at a much lower cost when done by a professional organization.

At PIE Multilingual, we offer affordable services without any compromise in quality. We understand your concern for budget and quality. Hence, our services are designed to give you the best service at an affordable price within the prescribed deadline. Our highly skilled and efficient staff help us to keep our costs low.

High level of security

When you hire us, you do not have to worry about your confidential data. Your information is completely secured with us. We use state of the art network infrastructure to prevent any data breach. The data is protected by multi-level authentication and best encryption technology. All client data is stored on secure servers which are protected by firewall and antivirus programs thereby ensuring complete safety.  We also sign an exclusive Non-Disclosure Agreement for each project and stick to it till the project is completed. Hence, you can trust us with your confidential data and rest assured.

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