With advancement of technology everyone wants to show their achievements in the form of visual graphics. One of the most important products of modern technology, Multimedia has become an indispensable part of every business today. It involves the use of graphics and computer animation and brings the product alive on screen before it is produced physically. The graphical features of web applications and the animations provide an out-of-the-world media experience and we at Pie Multilingual make it happen for all those who outsource this service to us.

Multimedia Outsourcing Partner – Pie Multilingual

Effective communication channels are an utmost necessity for every business if it has to thrive in this competitive world. And there can be no better interactive channels than the Multimedia presentations to put your point across to the customer of today! Pie Multilingual offers the best multimedia services that enable the businesses to be one among the top few in their field. Highly creative and varied multimedia services and solutions make us a one stop destination for all your multimedia services needs. We guide you every step right from the scripting to the designing process and offer all services necessary to achieve the desired output.

Our team of professional multimedia experts works tirelessly to deliver the desired results within the set time periods. Their engaging and effective output is achieved by:

  • In-depth consultation with clients
  • Customer centric presentation
  • Deep research on expected output
  • Best talent to deliver expected output


Our comprehensive range of services go a long way in enhancing the corporate image, enlightening customers, brightening product launches and getting your message across with the maximum recall effect. Our varied multimedia services include:

Website Services: Ours can be rated as customer centric website development companies. We use multimedia technology applications such as exclusive artwork, special effects, graphics, video, animation etc takes your website to the next level.
Multimedia Design: Three fold services which include provision of E-brochures, graphic designing and logo, print and ad media fulfill your multimedia design needs. E-brochures are offered in pdf formats as well as flip books.
Multimedia Presentations: We offer video presentation as well as presentations in PowerPoint depending upon the target audience and the message to be sent across. This includes corporate videos, HR multimedia presentations and product multimedia presentations.
We also provide customized multimedia solutions that are tailored to suit the specific requirements of our clients.

Partner with Multimedia expert for your requirement & get multiple advantage mentioned below:-

  • Aesthetically appealing presentations which provide effective user interface
  • Powerful and precise way of getting your message across
  • Data confidentiality and privacy of information
  • Superior Quality
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure
  • Provision of top-notch service at affordable cost
  • Maintenance plans to keep your site updated

Outsource your multimedia requirement to an expert hand to shine your business.

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