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Are the past lectures from your professors taking a toll on you while doing last-minute presentation preparation? Or while doing dissertations do you use audio recordings in order to make it to your research paper? Don’t you think delegating these audio and video hours to a student transcription expert will relive a significant amount of burden from you.

Unlike the older days apart from studies students, these days are bounded by innumerable activities like assignments, projects, and exams leaving them no time to relieve. And having the recordings like in CD, DVDs, android handled devices, etc. and then playing, pausing, writing done in repeat modes in order to get into a logical research document is a kind of hectic for a student. The field of academics requires dedication, precision, and accuracy, a well-trained student transcription outsourcing company should be hired for the academic niches.


Transcribing a half an hour of your own recording using a practiced standards can waste hours about three times long and offering this to an unskilled professional may lead to even worse situations. Gain some time for yourself and for less hectic work outsourcing of transcription services for students to a trusted professional multilingual transcription company to do the job for you. This will make you earn below mentioned benefits:

  • Transcription of an academic material is not an easy task and may lead to many errors and inaccuracies. Pairing with a student transcription expert leaves your audio video files in safe hands an also will boost content accuracy.
  • By outsourcing student transcription material to a reputable organization will lead you to access the other multiple language solutions such as proofreading, copy editing, proofreading etc.
  • The cost effectives of this task makes it a valuable capital investment among students, professors and teachers.


The highly skilled transcriptionists of Pie Multilingual company works with the goal of getting their client’s multiple language documentation to be completed on time maintaining the confidently of the data of the customers. With cost optimal transcription services our high-tech team guarantees quality transcription services that too on clients decided the time.

Pie Multilingual has been partnered with many renowned universities, academic institutions in order to provide best in industry transcription services to the students, professors, researchers by engaging a full team of student academic transcriptionists trained to adhere to the highest accuracy and consistency rate. The simple pricing model with free consultation charges of our firm has landed our clients to repeatedly outsource students’ transcription services to our doorsteps.

Communicate today with the student transcription expert of India for efficient cost investment and less overhead!

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