Outsourcing Student Transcription Services

Do you use recorded interviews for completing your thesis or dissertation or for research work? If so, then you need the services of an expert transcription company. A typical student’s life is bound by exams, projects, assignments etc and it makes no sense for him to waste time hunting for such a reliable outsourcing transcription services provider. Pie Multilingual is one of the leading agencies in this field and every student’s search practically stops here!


In today’s times, with every student aiming for optimum time management, getting all the required material transcribed from a reliable agency is the right thing to do. Outsource student transcription requirements to a reliable company & get following Benefits:

  • Guarantee of quality and accuracy
  • Cost-optimum services
  • Access to files that are transcribed in required format
  • Custom-made transcribing services

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We understand the student’s needs for obtaining accurate and reliable transcribing work at rates that won’t burden his pockets. Being one of the leading transcription companies, we offer accurate and affordable services which ensure the full satisfaction of the students. We realize that accurate transcribed matter is highly critical for a student’s learning and our expert transcriber will leave no stone unturned to provide high quality output. Our transcription department is up-to-the –mark in providing excellent transcription services and guarantees that you will have no cause for complaint. Our state-of-the-art transcription software helps them to the fullest in this regard. We are equipped to offer podcast as well as digital audio transcription for all country. Our experienced transcriber works with students located across globe.


Being pioneer in Transcription service we do provide customized transcription to meet students need. Our transcriber would be able to follow your guideline on your shared audio. There are multiple characteristics that keep us away from competitors:

latest technology

We use advanced technology to ensure better delivery.

professional team

We are a team of expert who provides Multilingual Expertise.

Cost-effective solutions

We are known to provide Cost-effective services to our clients.

Well Defined process

We provide our clients with Structured processes and methodology plan.

We send the files as and when they are completed rather than waiting for the completion of the entire lot. This way the student can get the corrections if any, done within the decided delivery dates.


We provide expertise with regard to transcribing any of the following:

  • Research papers
  • Term papers
  • Homework assignments
  • Schedules
  • Book reports
  • Video tapes
  • Dissertations
  • Research work
  • Essays
  • Resume writing
  • Training manuals and many more

In the competitive global market of today, high quality as well as low cost student transcription services are vital for the student especially those hard of learning. Pie Multilingual becomes the student’s ideal transcription partner and provides cost-effective transcription which is highly accurate and delivered within the set time-frames. The very essence of our working is to enable the student to focus on other academic activities which will help him to further his career. Student transcription outsourcing advantages helps them to stay focused on their study.

Contact one of the best student transcription service providers and you need not look any further for meeting all your transcription requirements.

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