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Have you ever came across a situation where you needed a small section from the video or a quote a speaker just said, just because you were not able to understand the language as the person was delivering it in their native language? Then there comes the role of a multilingual transcriber helping you to easily grasp the non-textual content by converting it into a well formatted written script. Speech to text is the basics of what we call the word transcription, an analytical expert is hired to convert speeches, audio recordings, video hours into a script or can be saved as documents in electronic devices.

Organizations these days are getting multiple language transcription support for the businesses, medicals, academics and various other sectors by transcription services outsourcing company. The well-trained professionals deliver the best documentation solutions to their customers.


The key of outsourcing lies in choosing the industry to ensure a seamless transcription experience. Many professional transcription companies are providing cutting edge results for their customers, one of the many bases why businesses outsource transcription, India and abroad. Few benefits are listed below:

Transcription is a tiring job, outsourcing transcription services to an experienced firm will give relief and to concentrate on core aspects of the business.

Hiring a full-time transcriber means paying high salary whereas a transcription company is paid only for the transcripts being produced, reducing capital investments.

Outsourcing is easier. It makes the organizations to manage fewer people, spend less on technology, equipment’s, saving time wasted on hiring, training and supervising employees.

The rapid turnaround time when a transcription service is outsourced. Moreover, 24*7*365 customer care support is provided by the companies the work is delegated to.


Over the years, Pie Multilingual has acquired a quality name in the documentation service industry. The vast experience and expertise of the workforce have enabled us to provide the best offerings by quickly grasping the requirements of the vendors, clients and business owners from India and worldwide. Dictation, capture, and conversion of medical reports make it your one stop.

The analytical minds of our company have worked on thousands of audio and video materials from conferences, meetings to seminars making it a Transcription service expert. The guaranteed output reliability of our staff gives customers an advantage over others who are experts of the native languages providing translations, documentations in more than 30 foreign dialects. The free consultation, paced up conversion rate, sorted plans and most important the affordable service charges from our company have made us the foremost choice among others.

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PIE Multilingual Services is a Business Service company that helps to cut operation cost. By providing superior service at economical cost this company is able to generate extra revenue for them.