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Live Chat support in European Languages

Live Chat Support Outsourcing in French and German


The Fortune 500 Company is dealing with its users worldwide. The company required to attend its users from ONGs (Organizational Non-Governmental) with their native languages, i.e., French and German. The Company were attending and supporting their users via Live Chat Support feature. The problem is that to cover the users in French and German as their native languages. They wanted to overcome this problem by providing the same languages as their users have. This is only to maintain the company’s attribute and to give satisfactory attention to resolve and complete their users learning needs.


The Fortune 500 Company had to coordinate with their users located in France, the United Kingdom and Germany for their research and learning objectives. This is the most challenging part for the Fortune 500 Company to create a bridge that can fill the gap and opens the way to professional business communication. As their practice, often, the company had to face a lot of difficulties and misunderstandings due to the language gap that they tend to face. It was very difficult for the company to hire a live chat support agent that can efficiently run the feature of live chat with the respective languages. Accordingly, the Fortune 500 company approach the PIE Multilingual to get all the benefits from our services that meet all the company’s demand. PIE Multilingual provided qualified Live Chat agent equipped with the newest technology to complete their needs.


We at PIE Multilingual devised a proper methodology to attend this problem statement. Our focus to provide the best professional services in the required languages, i.e., French and German. Accordingly, we hired Native Agents to provide real live chat support on the same in that country’s business hours. The result was of this proper structuring of the respective staff with multilingual skills; we successfully attended all the queries and problems to the Fortune 500 Company’s users in German and French. The client was happy with customer satisfaction, increased business possibilities, and potential profits.


PIE Multilingual’s German and French-speaking agents, empowered the Fortune 500 Company to deliver a multicultural user-based platform. The benefits, but not limited to, are
Increased Accuracy in Problem Solving
Reduced cost overheads
More business with Returning Clients
Client satisfaction with the desired quality


PIE Multilingual is a globally renowned bilingual live chat support service company that makes you keep yourself at the top in the business market competition. We can serve you with the number of other language services for your users and customers. We have a strong portfolio that sparks us to facilitate various sectors like education, health, real estate, marketing, small scale, and medium scale business as well as multinational companies from start to top-notch management. We provide a smart, easy, and affordable way to manage your live chat request requirements.

Our Mission is to design with and for our clients, a service that will support and grow their business. Our team has the emotional intelligence ability to resolve complex problems and design modified calling skills, making us only the Call Centre on which you can trust.

So either you require Multilingual live chat operator or Call Center Services, PIE Multilingual is always available to provide you the fastest connection– between you and your customers.


PIE Multilingual Services is a Business Service company that helps to cut operation cost. By providing superior service at economical cost this company is able to generate extra revenue for them.


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