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Best Quality Output From Multilingual Experts

Quality of work is the foremost concern before you outsource your projects to a multilingual business services company. At PIE Multilingual, our motto is to deliver the best quality. This also helps us to retain our clients. Our services are affordable without any compromise in quality. We implement stringent quality control policies which ensure a top-notch error-free work every time.

How Multilingual Experts helps to deliver good quality?

To maintain the quality of all our multilingual projects, we take the following steps:

  • Employ rigorous selection process to hire highly skilled experts
  • Periodic training sessions to improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Rating of experts so that they can be allotted projects based on requirements
  • Performance reports evaluation based on every project
  • Tracking work quality and progress on a daily basis
  • Review process to scrutinize the file for any inaccuracy and glitches
  • Quality Analysis audits are performed to ensure error-free deliverables of the best quality

To ensure stability and uniformity in our work quality, we follow a set of strict guidelines in accordance with the ISO standards. We implement advanced technologies and periodic skill enhancement training which help us keep up our quality standards and deliver a high-quality work. Furthermore we are concerned about data security hence we take strict measures on it.

Why ISO and its Significance in multilingual service?

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. It is an international body responsible for providing specifications, requirements, and guidelines to be implemented and practiced consistently to ensure good quality services. At PIE Multilingual services, our guidelines are governed by ISO and we are happy to follow them. Our quality assurance team keeps a check on our routine actions, quality of workers, training, and work conditions to ensure the quality of the service provided by us.

To ensure a high-quality work we follow the following standards as per the ISO norms:

  • Minimum training of 5 hours per month
  • Minimum achievement rating of 99% every month
  • All resolution escalation must be resolved within 4 hours
  • Assured system and technical uptime of 99.5% or more
  • Full transparency and immediate access to all error and workflow report

Apart from following these standards we also conduct a quality check at different stages to avoid any major issues. Extensive quality audits are carried out by experienced and well-trained staff. Multiple levels of scrutiny and QA process help us to avoid small mistakes and check human error at every level.


Our multilingual experts are trained in various skills like project management, maintaining proper turnaround time, quality checking, and time management. The rating policy of experts helps us to dedicate resources evenly based on clients’ preference. We only assign the best-rated experts on to the projects. Experts who miss deadlines or get lower rating are immediately put under QA team to meet prerequisite demand.

Our adherence to the guidelines and ISO standards helps us to maintain the highest quality of work and maintain a quick turnaround time. So, when you outsource your work to Pie Multilingual always expect the best quality work to be delivered to you at the agreed deadline and within the budget.

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