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Outsource-epub conversion services

Outsource epub Conversion Services

ePub is a widely accepted standard for eBooks of any size, shape, and format. In other words, ePub is an open standard format for unencrypted digital books and online publications. We at PIE Multilingual provide excellent epub conversion services that strictly comply with the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) standards. We provide complete conversion facilities for input files in various different formats such as PDF, Quark, Word, and InDesign. The ePub standard format is compatible with various platforms such as Windows, Linux, and MAC. Additionally, the ePub standard format can be optimized for various display devices such as Sony Reader, Cool-ER, and Hanlin eReader. Our impeccable conversion services help you get your digital publications platform-ready for your global readers.

Outsourcing ePub Conversion requirements

ePub is an internationally accepted standard format among prime retailers and major publishers. The format offers required interoperability for eBooks making them compatible with any targeted device or application. ePub compatible eBooks are widely circulated by many universities, publication houses, and authors to support a wider audience. We at PIE Multilingual have a decade-long experience in providing successful ePub conversion to the dynamically changing eBook industry. The ability of flexibly adapting to upcoming updates and changes in technology help us to provide impeccable ePub conversion services to our globally located customers.

ePub Conversion Services Expert

Our ePub conversion experts proficient in CSS and coding have an industry experience of various Document Type Definitions. We can convert your source file from PDF or any other format to ePub quickly and efficiently in a cost-effective manner.

ePub Conversion Company will help you with:

  • Kindle Conversion Services
  • ipad and iphone conversion services
  • Fixed layout formats
  • Standard format

Our flexible pricing structure can be suitably customized for your specific conversion requirements. A strict adherence to ISO quality standards helps us deliver exemplary services to our clients. Our multilingual expertise in ePub conversion helps us cater to a global audience. We ensure complete data security and confidentiality of your information.

ePub Conversion Services Advantages

ePub is a universal format compatible with many devices such as dedicated hardware, online readers, and desktop software. Major advantages of ePub conversion outsourcing to an industry experts include:


Our experts are trained to be Compatible with a majority of hardware and software devices.


We provide Cost-effective publishing on multiple distribution channels to serve the majority of your needs.

Multiple Format

With the advanced technology, we ensure Easy and quick conversion to other formats

multitude outlets

We provide ePub conversion from various digital formats including PDF, HTML, XHTML,etc.

Partner With ePub Conversion Services Company

We at PIE Multilingual provide customized ePub conversion services for specific conversion requirements. We provide ePub conversion from various digital formats including PDF, HTML, XHTML, MS Word, .MOBI, and InDesign. Our clients include important national and international universities, libraries, publishers, and corporations. A commitment to quality and the excellence in delivering projects on time help us provide accurate and efficient ePub conversion technology.

Our partnership will provide:

  • Superior quality
  • Reduced cost
  • Quicker service

Elevate your profit margins by increasing your advertiser value, augmenting your circulation, and expanding your current market with our impeccable ePub conversion capability. Partner with epub Conversion Experts today to avail all the benefits of our ePub conversion services!

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