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Outsource-data cleansing services

Outsource Data Cleansing Services

The success of any marketing campaign or business process largely depends on data that is clean, up-to-date and reliable. Increased conversions and brand reputation can be built if your databases are accurate and complete and to ensure this, the best option is to outsource the task to a third party expert like Pie Multilingual.

Pie Multilingual- One Stop Destination for Data Cleansing Needs

We correct all data irregularities, update obsolete data, conduct referential integrity investigations, categorize mailing lists etc to generate standardized pools of data that can be used more effectively by clients. Your data is channelized resourcefully and can be better used for direct marketing or targeted sales campaigns leading to an enhanced return on investment for these activities. You can stay focused on your promotion campaigns by outsourcing data cleansing services to us.

Data Cleansing Expert

We make your data clean. Our data cleansing services include:

Clarify records: Our team of professionals filter the records of your client, business and company and remove out-dated, unrelated and obsolete data. This ensures validation of all information and helps you to effectively communicate with your prospective client.
Removal of spelling errors, typos: Our team manually proofreads the data and rectifies grammatical and typographical errors as well as spelling and punctuation mistakes.
Fill in missing entries: We ensure that your database is complete in all respects and fill in missing entries with relevant information wherever required.
Cleanse mailing lists: Our team will cleanse your current mailing lists that will facilitate in the targeting of your prospects.
Normalize database: After checking the records of your customers they are normalized and re-formatted depending upon your needs.
Standardize database: All database variables are standardized for consistency so that the information appears clean and homogenous across the entire organization.
Confirm and validate data: Information is verified and validated by our team against authentic sources ensuring that it is genuine.
Removal of duplicate data: Our team deletes duplicate data thus making more space available for storage.

Data Cleansing Outsourcing benefits

Multilingual data Cleansing Company will offer multiple benefits that will accelerate your business in new geography.

Observing Data Quality Management Norms: We ensure that the end result has highest levels of accuracy and quality.
Guaranteed Cost Reduction: We assure you a cost reduction of 30%-50%
Importance to Data Confidentiality & Security: Strict security controls in place guarantee total confidentiality of data.
Sophisticated Technology: Use of latest technology enables us to deliver reliable and accurate outputs.
Transparent Dealings: The open communication lines at our end facilitate transparent dealings between us and our clients.
Scalability: We offer customized solutions that are in line with your requirements. Scalability of services is possible without altering the quality of the output.

We have benefited many industries in data cleansing requirements like healthcare, Market Research, Banking, Insurance etc. Partner with Multilingual Data Cleansing Company and let us handle your data cleansing requirements.

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