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Outsource Data Processing Services

Are you overwhelmed with piles of disorganized data? Before you can comprehend, it will assume massive proportions and disturb the smooth working of your business. In this world of ‘big data’ it is vital that due importance is given to data conversion and data processing for ensuring that your organization’s information systems are latest and reliable. In view of the high investment required to maintain in-house staff, outsourcing your data management needs is the best solution for every business.

PIE Multilingual –Your Reliable Outsourcing Partner

In view of the increased pressures on bottom line and the rising demands from end users for best-in-class services, choosing us as your reliable outsourcing partner will lead to a win-win situation for both. Our data processing services enable you to maximize your customer satisfaction and at the same time positively impact your profitability. We execute our client projects with utmost accuracy and within a short turnaround time enabling you to meet your goals within the decided time-frames.

Comprehensive Data Scrapping Outsourcing Services

Data processing requirements differ depending upon the industry to which an organization belongs. Some of the industries that benefit from our comprehensive data management services include the hospitality sector, e-commerce, automotive, healthcare, engineering and many more.

Our range of services includes:

  • Data Enrichment
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Order Entry & Processing
  • Forms Processing
  • Image Processing
  • Transaction Data Processing
  • Mailing List Compilation
  • Records Indexing
  • Word Processing & Formatting

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Multilingual data Processing Company will bring multiple business benefits to accelerate your business. You can categorize, restructure, simplify and utilize your data information in the best possible manner by outsourcing data processing to us.

Savings in Costs: Our technically sound team of data professionals offer you reliable and accurate data processing services and enable you to save around 60% of operating costs.
Latest Technology: We use ICR and OCR technologies to digitize your data and do it in formats of your choice. Our varied formats include SGML, XML, XHTML, CML, HTML, ThML, Adobe and many more.
Scalability: We have the capacity to scale up our operations when the need arises. Our team is equipped to handle huge volumes of data precisely.
Accuracy of Highest Levels: Our quality assessment team carry out several quality checks to ensure highest levels of accuracy are maintained.
Data Confidentiality: Our strict security practices ensure the confidentiality of your data. Access to data is limited to authorized personnel.
Data Presentation: We present data in varied forms such as percentile rankings, illustrated tables etc which enables our clients to get an overview of things and take strategic decisions.

By partnering with Multilingual Data Processing Company, you can get multiple business benefits that will streamline your organization.

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