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  • Generating and Nurturing Leads
  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Cost Effective Solution
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Outsource Appointment Setting Services

Lead generation is the first step of any organization’s sales strategy and in order to put your best sales foot forward, it is crucial to get an appointment scheduled with your prospective clients. Appointment scheduling enables organizations to develop an uncalled-for communication into a strategic and calculated interaction. Outsourcing this aspect to a third party expert helps in subtly and effectively promoting your organizations products and services.

Need for Outsourcing Appointment Scheduling Services

In view of pressure on margins and resource crunch, it doesn’t make sense for the sales executives of your organization to meet up with each and every prospect. Time is of essence and the best option lies in outsourcing this function to a third party expert. The outsourcing company ensures that your sales executives need to meet only the selected lot from the list of prospects who are genuinely interested in your products and services. If the prospect is not yet ready for sales, the team from the outsourcing company knows how to make a lasting impact through their first sales pitch for the company.

Pie Multilingual – Appointment Setting Service Partner

We are a leading multilingual outsourcing company that focuses on providing varied outsourcing services of international standards. Our multi-country appointment setting services are sought after by companies across industry verticals. By outsourcing the services to us you are guaranteed of achieving high returns on your investment. Our team ensures that appointments are scheduled with key decision makers who have shown sincere interest in your products and services. Our mode of conduct is guaranteed to provide highest levels of customer service.

Improve your ROI by hiring Virtual Multilingual Appointment Scheduling Expert. Save up to 40% on Full Time Hiring.

Outsourcing Appointment Setting Services to Multilingual Company

Optimization of Lead Generation: By outsourcing the appointment setting function to us your organization can avoid making cold calls. We ensure rationalization of the lead generation activity and your sales team’s efficiency.

Savings in Costs and Resources: Your costs for developing and maintaining the required infrastructure, manpower and its training is avoided thus offering you considerable savings.

Guaranteed Results: Our team is given thorough training which assures positive results for our clients. Our team is skilled and competent in scheduling appointments and this combined with our state-of- the-art infrastructure offer the best conversion rates for our clients.

Transparent Communication: We offer regular reports and updates about the prospects. Monitoring productivity and output is easily facilitated.

Appointment Setting Expert

Multilingual Appointment Setting Company will provide a variety of appointment setting service that will help to expand your business.

Our range of appointment scheduling services includes:

  • Setting B2B appointments
  • Creating telemarketing lists and scripts
  • Generating healthcare leads
  • Collection and cleansing of data
  • B2B appointment scheduling for demos or web conferences
  • Event registrations
  • Registrations for conference programs

And many more!

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