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E-commerce customer support

Customer Support For E-commerce European Client

Problem Definition

A big European E-commerce company needed support for its huge customer care department. The company intended to provide comprehensive and satisfactory e-commerce customer support in multiple foreign languages such as German, Italian, French and Portuguese to its consumers. However, they were facing multiple problems of language barriers and untrained staff to execute the operations smoothly. The company was well aware of the fact that developing customers in specific market requires a lot of efforts but retaining them is a bigger challenge. After considering these challenging issues, the organization decided to outsource its e-commerce customer support function. At that moment, the company came across another challenge of finding a reliable company which has expertise in dealing with customers, proficiency over foreign languages and quick response time.

Business Requirements

PIE multilingual was contacted for having a proven experience in providing e-commerce customer support services across the world and meeting all requirements for a particular job. Being a professional organization, we took this as a challenge and spend sufficient time to understand particular business requirements before executing the process. It was decided to identify all the channels where customers require attention such as website, emails, live chat assistance, telephonic helpline and social media platforms along with the nature of solutions needed. Besides many other insights, a great diversification was identified in customers. Comparative analysis for business requirements versus competencies was conducted and the journey began once both the organization felt confident.


Our focus was customer satisfaction and goals were set up upon maximizing the sales and retaining the customer. PIE Multilingual offered the most comprehensive e-commerce customer support by having an in-depth approach to push the business towards excellence. Our efforts were planned in detail and all the contingencies were kept constant throughout the process. Every possible query of customers was noted and the best possible solutions were brought out for valuable customers of our client. We dealt with the customers of our clients like ours and served them with our multilingual professionals who handled more than 250 tickets in a day. While serving customers of our client, the process of assigning our agents for different languages was electrifying which helped us to meet the desired satisfaction level. Our services were highly appreciated by the customers which eventually translated into the delight of our client.

Deliverables and Benefits

  • Foreign language expertise
  • Quick response time
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Research based solutions


PIE Multilingual has been serving various industries for a long time with the team of professionals. Some of our major clients belong to the industries such as Healthcare, Media houses, Entertainment industry, Retail industry, Financial institutions, NGOs and Education sector.

At PIE Multilingual, we facilitate our clients with our expertise on multiple languages and flexible criteria of working. We have successfully provided e-commerce customer support in the past and have smartly achieved all the goals of our clients and ours. Our customized solution helps them to achieve required result successfully

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E-commerce Customer Support Company Advantages

PIE Multilingual Services is a Business Service company that helps to cut operation cost. By providing superior service at economical cost this company is able to generate extra revenue for them.


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