Are you searching for a company who can gather information directly from consumer or companies? Are you willing to compile gathered information to take some matured business decision? We are here to bring your search to a halt as we have skilled and experienced research team to meet your primary research service requirements. Irrespective of geographies & languages we would be your preferred choice for a strategic partner to make our association fruitful. Whether it is a B2B or B2C market research survey or involves quantitative or qualitative analysis, we employ most efficient strategies to increase the response rate.


Market Research is an important aspect for all, small and medium sized,companies to determine their target customers wants and needs. Moreover, this is the most favored option as it helps businesses to find out how customers behave according to their marketing efforts. Following methods are used by the organizations to perform the research activities.

  • Postal surveys
  • Telephone interviews
  • Online surveys
  • Face-to-face surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Test marketing


Clients choose us to get what they demand in conducting primary market research. Having global primary research associates, we build unique foundation of sector focused research staff to collect primary data.

Our research project managers’ focus on the industrial sector to understand our clients’ demand & while employing most qualified and relevant skill, we achieve their expectations. Our quality and highest standard of performance enables us to gain the clients’ confidence. We have years of experience to deliver similar assignments worldwide in multiple foreign languages where our in depth knowledge and study have always differentiated us from the competitors. We deliver:-

Superior quality

We provide superior quality market research that covers every aspect of your business.

Cost efficiency

We provide Cost-efficient services to ensure that the clients get the best without compromising on needs.

Multi-country reach

Our experienced researchers can conduct research projects all over the world according to the client's need.

Candid response

A combination of swift and speedy approach help our professionals render excellent services.

With the aforementioned methods we meet the demands of our clients offering them comprehensive multi-country market survey solutions that would help them to mark their presence in the market, among their competitors. All of these will aid an organization for further expansion.


The results of our primary research consist of validated recommendations that are consistent beyond any doubt about the anticipated effects. A combination of swift and speedy approach help our professionals render excellent services for our respondents. Our professional researchers make sure that the requested services are delivered in real time with an outstanding quality.

We help you grasp the nerves of current market trends by providing meaningful insights about the needs and preferences of your customers. Investigate the state of the current business market before launching your products or offering a new service to enhance the probability of a successful launch. Let us systematically collect and record insightful data for you to analyze and interpret potential opportunities in the market.


Pie Multilingual is a leader when it comes to delivering of high quality multi country market research services with benefits including short turnaround and low investment rates. We make use of the standard market research tools which will offer highly accurate market research data, maintaining the security and confidently to 100%. From simple information to complex user queries we have a highly efficient and expert teams covering entire gamut of services, partnering with us will give your business research techniques and processes a structured approach benefits. Contact us today and enable your business to move into an accelerated growth process.

We employ proven strategies and authenticated techniques to gather real-time data about current market trends. Our market surveys have helped many customers gather insightful information about their products, services, and business from the perspective of their consumers. With a keen eye on consumer preferences and competitive analysis, we have helped many companies generate better profits out of their business investments and product launches.

Make us your preferred partner and leverage the maximum benefits of market research outsourcing.

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