In today’s highly competitive market; keeping a pulse on the consumer preferences and incorporating them into your product offerings can become a game-changer for businesses. With ever increasing demands of customers and fast changing global trends, developing and delivering product launches at regular intervals is challenging for every organization. Outsourcing product development research is the key to offering innovative products to customers.


Access to pool of global talent: Our expert team is capable of end-to-end solutions beginning with conceptualization of new product idea, designing architecture, development of the product to its migration, testing, re-engineering, upkeep and support.
Reduced developmental costs: Maintaining an in-house team for product development involves huge costs in terms of money and time. Outsourcing product development projects to us will help you to minimize your costs.
Product road-mapping: One of the most difficult features of development is product road-mapping. Outsourcing the function to a product development company like Pie Multilingual helps our clients to obtain a roadmap for their product which brings their vision into reality.
Increased chances of success: Outsourcing your product development research to an expert like Pie Multilingual will ensure the success of your product launches.

Our Five Step Approach to Product Development

Our product development expert follows multiple stages to make sure your brand is as per customer expectation. Our five step approach is:
Brainstorming for Ideas: We work closely with the clients to understand the goals, aims and pain points of their business. Brainstorming is undertaken for development of potential ideas that will help to remove their pain points and achieve growth.
Creation of Concept: Our expertise helps to sift through the ideas and pick those that guarantee commercial viability. This is done through our ‘plan, develop, evaluate, iterate’ approach.
Engineering: Alpha prototypes are built at this stage. We address the product usability and other requirements on product safety, performance metrics, cost, reliability and manufacturability.
Establishing the Production: Wholly functional units are built at this stage; these are the Beta prototypes. They are the fundamental blocks for verification and validation of the design in actual working environments.
Build up to Production: Our job does not end with the official transfer of the design. We continue to offer trouble shooting help on problems related to manufacture and testing.


If you want to deliver sharper, better and faster than your competitor then you need to partner with a company that has innovation in its DNA. Offering iterative outsourced product development is essential for providing enhanced user experience. By associating with Pie Multilingual you halve your time-to-market and product development cost.

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