Outsource Telemarketing Services

The effectiveness of your marketing promotion campaign determines the growth chart for your business. So, how to promote your products and services effectively? One of the solutions is telemarketing! Multicultural Telemarketing services involves making unsolicited calls to prospective customers to make an effective sales pitch. Success is ensured if the call is converted into a planned meeting and this happens through a skilled telemarketing team.

Outsource Telemarketing Services to be in the Lead

Marketing your brand is no easy task and maximizing your target reach is quite expensive and time-consuming. A less time consuming and cost-effective way of communicating with your clients is by outsourcing this function to an expert in the field. PIE Multilingual is in this business for many years and has developed a loyal client following from varied strata of the industry. Making, answering calls comes easy to us and by hiring us we will be adding on to the strength of your sales team.

Business Benefits of Multi-country Telemarketing Outsourcing

We specialize in offering top quality inbound and outbound telemarketing services at most reasonable rates. Our telemarketing solutions offer the following benefits to businesses:

Reduced Costs : The costs of maintaining an in-house team for telemarketing is just not affordable to small and medium scale concerns. We are one of the reliable outsourced telemarketing companies who provide these services at reduced costs.

Access to State-of-the-Art Technology: If a telemarketing campaign has to be effective then it needs investment in automated equipment such as diallers, cables, phone lines and the necessary software. Our setup boasts of technologically advanced equipment installation.

Access to Expert Staff: Our staff is educated on all aspects of your products and services and are fully committed to your company’s vision. They are experienced and this enables them to manage the talk when still under pressure.

Pre-Telemarketing Aid: Preparing a list of prospects, developing effective scripts to pitch your products and services is a challenge in itself. Being experienced in the field, we, at PIE Multilingual help you to develop the right script that avoids closed questions and undesired loopholes.

Quantifiable Results: The results of your telemarketing campaign will be quantified by us. This helps you to modify your future marketing campaigns.

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Multi-country Telemarketing Solutions

Our range of multilingual telemarketing services include lead generation services, appointment setting services, database selling services, market intelligence services, research surveys and polling, cross sell/up sell campaigns, direct mail follow-up services and many more.

If you want to expand your business through telemarketing then PIE Multilingual will make it happen!

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