Outsourcing company approach

Some key areas looked into by clients before outsourcing their work to a third party vendor is the outsourcing company’s capability, prior experience, customer reviews and most important of all; their approach to work.

At Pie Multilingual our highly skilled talent pool provides in depth market and domain expertise and superior communication which helps to maintain client proximity and ensure his highest satisfaction. We follow a five step process which supports our continuous endeavor of providing quality services. This enables us to move on from being just an outsourcing company to a trusted partner of every business for years to come.

Our 5 step outsourcing process which ensures timely and efficient delivery of our services is:

1. Analysis of Client Needs on Establishing Contact

Your organization can connect with us by filling in our ‘Contact Us’ form. On receipt, our sales team will call you or email you. The first step in our four-fold approach is getting to know about the client through the following activities:

  • Understanding the main requirements of the client
  • Making ballpark estimate wherever possible
  • Obtaining your approval to proceed further
  • Understanding the requirements in detail
  • Execution of a pilot project if needed

2. Finalizing the pricing and signing agreements

  • Confirming the details of pricing
  • Creating a proposal if needed
  • Signing the contracts, SLA and other agreements

3. Initiation of the Project

  • Resource deployment and training
  • Project kick-off meeting

4. Execution of Project

  • Executing and managing the project
  • Regular reporting and obtaining feedback on an ongoing basis

Pie Multilingual- Customer Service Outsourcing Company

Our well established processes and systems take your project from the initiation stage and ensure its successful completion. Our state-of-the-art data security systems provide 360 degree Information Security and Confidentiality Assurance to all our customers. Our quick turn-around times ascertain that your projects are completed well in time.

If you are keen on outsourcing to Pie Multilingual, please fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form. A sales executive from our end will get in touch with you right away. Although you may be undecided on outsourcing, you can still reach to us to find more about outsourcing to India. Get a first hand idea of how outsourcing can be useful to your business from our experts; your view will never remain the same thereafter.

We are very focused in our objective of providing maximum value to our customer. Gain the advantage of our focused approach which aims to deliver value to you.