We at Pie Multilingual provide excellent professional multilingual on-site interpretation services for wide-ranging events such as Conferences, technical meetings, Business meetings, and training sessions. Our certified on site interpreters are proficient in multiple languages to ensure accurate onsite interpretation. Additionally, our expert linguists proficient in more than 170 languages help us deliver immaculate interpretation service on required subject matter.


Our well-trained certified interpreters facilitate onsite language interpretation services to any chosen location from a small setting for legal depositions and negotiations to small or large conferences involving multilingual audiences and speakers.

We provide two types of services for onsite interpretation that is consecutive and simultaneous. Our services cater to different organizations including hospitals, law firms, government organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and nonprofits.

Onsite services for consecutive interpretation generally involve one or more expert interpreter who listens to a phrase, waits for the speaker to complete their idea and then interprets the same for the audience. By that time, the speaker waits for the interpreter to complete the translation. In this setup, only one person speaks at a time. Such a format is good and cost-effective for smaller settings. Our highly-trained interpreters ensure that the key elements are not skipped as the speaker completes a segment or phrase.

Onsite services for simultaneous interpretation generally involve interpreting and transmitting equipment. We at, Pie Multilingual believe in facilitating cost-effective solutions for all your onsite interpretation needs.


  • Multilingual interpretation in over 170 languages
  • Fast connect times
  • Bilingual Interpretation services in native language
  • Experienced linguistics and interpreters
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Swift turnaround time
  • Services for Recording, Transcribing and Translating meetings or events documents
  • Friendly translators
  • Stringent quality checks to ensure accuracy
  • Complete confidentiality of all your original and transcribed documents

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