We at Pie Multilingual provide excellent services for simultaneous as well as consecutive interpreting. Our highly-skilled and knowledgeable interpreters can work effectively in conferences and conventions as well. We believe in ensuring complete, cost-effective, and exceptionally good conference interpretation in different languages and fields of specialization.

For simultaneous interpretations, our interpreters work in set of two and the process involves use of interpretation equipment. Alternatively, for consecutive interpretation, our interpreters work individually without any equipment and may require mediations. Irrespective of the approach, our services are intended to ensure the success of an event.


To ensure a successful event without any communication barriers, we initiate with a pre-planning consultation to outline a workflow as well as post-event wrap-up. The entire process proceeds as follows:

Pre-Planning Consultation: To effectively implement your language request, our team of Sales and Project Management experts will evaluate and guide you in organizing your interpretation equipment requirements. We not only take care of the language interpretation, but also assist and guide you through the complete interpretation process, from beginning to end.

Local Interpreters: Our expert conference interpreters ensure a flawless communication between participating parties by providing multilingual interaction. Our native interpreters convey the message effectively emphasizing the cultural aspects of a specific audience. Our highly-trained native interpreter professionals have an in-depth knowledge of their respective fields and subject matter.

Post-Event Wrap-Up: We render a feedback survey after completion of an event to ensure superior quality of conference interpretation. For conferences that continue for multiple days, we receive a feedback within twenty-four hours after completion of first day assignment. The feedback helps us in making immediate changes as per client requirement, if needed. Our dedicated Project Manager adapts the procedures to ensure improvements in future planning of the professional interpreting services.


While hosting a bilingual or multilingual events, like meetings, conferences, seminars, symposiums, etc., organizations face a variety of obstacles, the considerable of which is the participants with cultures and various native languages. To address the greatest challenge and ensuring success of your event, our conference interpretation expert is offering services by highly qualified conference interpreters who can easily adjust to your needs.

The entire process of pre-planning, interpretation, and post-event wrap-up must be executed in conjunction to ensure successful multicultural communications in conferences and conventions. For this, our Project Manager assists you throughout the process from planning to post-event wrap-up. We also assist you in facilitating appropriate audio equipment for on-site technical support.


  • On-site services for simultaneous, escort, whispered or consecutive interpretation
  • Interpretation via video conferencing or in person
  • Assistive listening aids for hearing-impaired members of the audience
  • Document translation for conference and meeting
  • On-site meeting planners and coordinators
  • Registration website localization
  • State-of-the-art rental interpretation equipment including headsets, transmitters, relays, and booths
  • Video and audio transcription

Make your events a grand success with our immaculate conference interpretation services.

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