In today’s world, the need for professional voice over recording services is increasing at an exponential rate, courtesy globalization. The voice over industry has boomed in recent years with the proliferation of internet. It is important to understand that a language may be spoken in different countries in different ways. So while working on a voice-over project, it is important to localize the source content for the audience as far as accent, dialect and speech are concerned. Even the most skillful artists cannot make out regional differences in accent or dialect unless they are native speakers.


At PIE MULTILINGUAL, we do provide voice over in multiple foreign languages to cover international market. Our experienced voice-over artists provide culturally accurate and localized voice-overs for television commercials, video content, films, documentaries and seminars, advertisements, corporate presentations, CBTs and online training. The success of a voiceover project depends largely on the exceptional sound and recording quality. This is one area where we give maximum stress in collaborating with professional and reputed recording studios to ensure an end product with the highest technical quality possible. Once we are satisfied with the production quality, we deliver the broadcast quality audio files in any format that you desire.

Our outstanding voice artists adds value to your audio or video presentations, which helps to create the desired impact on your clients in their local language.

Voice over recordings


Being multilingual business service company we do provide superior solution on all of your business requirements. There are few salient features that keep us away among our competitors:-

  • Ability to work with multiple digital audio file formats like mp3, flac, aiff etc.
  • State-of-the art digital studios for outstanding voice over services
  • The end product can be delivered via email, FTP server
  • Exceptional quality of audio output
  • Quality assurance at every step
  • 24/7 support


Multilingual Voice Expert company would be able to provide support for many business requirements including:-

  • Commercial (radio, television, animation, infomercials, promos, trailers, jingles, tags, etc.)
  • Narration (documentaries, medical narration, website audio, statements, news releases, etc.)
  • Telephonic (after hours, holiday messaging, interactive voice response, voicemail greetings)
  • E- learning, instructional DVDs, PC, console, Arcade games, multimedia, flash presentations
  • Entertainment (Movies, TV Series, Animation Series, Cartoon Series, etc.)

Armed with boundless experience we are helping businesses over decades. Partnering with us will make you reach audience, listeners across the globe. Be it simple voice recording or a complex bilingual multilingual projects, you can outsource voice over services to us and enjoy benefits which are beyond limits. Never compromising the quality, our services have always amazed our clients, giving releases in competitive rates at swift turnaround time.

Outsource your voice over requirement to Multilingual Voice over expert today!