Outsource Foreign language Subtitling Services

Multilingual Subtitling services have never been of great importance as they are today. With the media houses catering to the global audience subtitling services are playing a vital role in the production of films, commercials or short films and editing of videos. Choosing the best foreign language subtitling company therefore, assumes great significance as that determines the effectiveness and popularity of the output. Pie Multilingual is a one-stop destination for all your offshore movie captioning services. Right from transcription and subtitling to video captioning, we do provide one stop solution for subtitling requirements.

Foreign Language Subtitling Outsourcing Advantage

The importance of reliable, quick and quality services can never be undermined. Our video subtitling experts are trained to offer best services to buyers who range from movie production houses to subtitling companies to video editing companies and many more. Our services fulfill ISO quality standards with each step of the process having to adhere to strict quality requirements before it goes further. Use of latest transcription software along with experienced subtitling team helps us to ensure perfect accuracy. Adding captions and subtitles to the audio and video media is work of high creativity and the Multilingual subtitling specialists at Pie Multilingual never run short of creativity.

Foreign Language Subtitling expert will provide:-

  • Professional Subtitler
  • Delivery in Multiple formats
  • Excellent service at great price

Professional Multilingual Subtitling Company

A comprehensive knowledge of the subtitling and captioning process details helps our professionals to render perfect transcripts and convert them into easily understandable sub-titles. All the cultural nuances and differences in the language accents are taken into consideration while doing the subtitling and translation. Our list of clients includes several media companies who have been able to showcase their products to a wider audience.

We work with multiple industries to reach their business across globe.

Foreign language Subtitling company expertise will helps you with:-

  • Multilingual Expertise
  • On time delivery
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Multilingual Subtitling and Captioning Expert

We offer the multilingual advantage through our large network of language specialists spread all around the globe. Our professionals are trained to provide multilingual video subtitling and captioning services in about 80+ languages on different file formats. Services for projects of any size and kind ranging from a few minutes of voiceover to dubbing and subtitling for movie blockbusters to subtitles for educational material are available at our end.

Business Benefits of Outsourcing Foreign language Subtitling Services

We offer a comprehensive package of subtitling and captioning services as well as services on piecemeal basis. So, depending upon the needs of the client our video subtitling experts can perform all the linguistic work along with subtitling or can just deliver the subtitles with the linguistic work handled in-house by the organization.


We are pioneer in foreign language subtitling services hence we guarantee to deliver:

  • Customized Service
  • International Standard Quality
  • Highest degree of accuracy
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Cost effective

With specialization in almost all world languages with an intensive training for the subtitling specialists including software skills such as time-cueing, positioning of BD and DVD subtitles, we produce an exceptional output to meet your requirements.

Partner with Multilingual Subtitling and Captioning Company

Having a huge network of language specialists worldwide, we provide complete solution of multilingual video subtitling and captioning services in more than 80 foreign languages on multiple file formats. Partner with Multilingual Foreign language Subtitling Experts to get one stop solution for subtitling, Captioning, and media localization service. Depending on customer’s requirement we are able to work on open captions, closed captions & SRT Files. We are preferred choice of various media houses, production house, directors and independent directors.

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