Unpredictable economic climate often creates financial pressure and leads to a rising amount of debt for many people and organizations. Debt collection is a time-consuming process. We at PIE Multilingual provide outstanding invoice collection services to help your business gain efficiency and boost accounts receivable collections. Our experienced professionals and courteous team of call center agents guide you in streamlining and improving your existing debt collection processes. We can help you in reducing the burden of bad debt, enhancing existing cash flow, achieving profitability, and maintaining your brand image.


We are a premier provider of excellent debt collection services. Our debt management system helps you access analytics-driven data and online profile of debtors to help you track them down. A debtor profile includes critical information regarding bill payment collection such as credit-based scoring, multiple contact data-points, etc. Our effective and client-focused debt collection process helps you in finding and contacting missing, hard-to-reach debtors. On your behalf, our team can contact debtors who defaulted on payments to offer them options for restructuring the debts. We provide following end-to-end pending invoice collection services:

  • Data Validation and Customer Tracking
  • Early and Late-stage Debt Collection
  • Debt Dispute Management
  • Invoice Collection Call Center
  • Debt Portfolio Management

All our call center agents are effectively trained for dispute management to ensure best results for your business. Our proficient call center agents are well-versed with Invoice collection procedures.

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Our Invoice collection services help you automate important decision-making activities with important recommendations to implement new policies and change cutoffs. We help you in recognizing high-risk accounts beforehand by analyzing relevant data to help reduce legal risk as well as optimize existing resources for targeting other debtors.

Our Invoice collection services can be ideally used for:

We look for warning signs, create a debt recovery plan and execute it to ensure effective Invoice collection in swift turnaround time. We start making calls to available numbers and ensure to perform regular follow-ups.


Our team of executives undergoes a rigorous selection process and training to equip them with required skills to handle debtors. We follow a different approach to ensure your brand value is never diluted. Some benefits of partnering with us include –

Cost reduction

With our services, one can reduce 50% of delinquency costs and can earn profits.

Recovery plans

Our experts Customize debt recovery plans for clients, ensuring benefits and recovery.

Liquidation ratios

We are a company with a higher solvency ratio ensuring better investments.

Better cost savings

Our services are cost effective hence you can save in your outsourced projects.

multi-support system

Our experts provide high-grade efficiency with multi-channel support system.

Advanced technology

We provide best analytics and technology to assess the client at every step.

Many businesses suffer from rising overhead costs due to unpaid bills. Our debt recovery solutions provide an expert solution for immediate, growing crisis. We not only help you in cutting down costs or track debtors but also ensure that we do so without compromising on your brand value. Regain the pre-existing cash flow with our immaculate debt collection services.

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