German, being official language of seven countries and 11th most spoken language across the world makes a valid point on why German transcription services outsourcing is imperative for the businesses. Organizations ranging in all sizes want to get benefits by hiring German transcription experts as the employed transcribers inside these companies offer conversion from English to German or German to English in a very flawless manner. With so many challenges, finding a reliable transcription provider is quite a task.

We at Pie Multilingual provide excellent German transcription services with a wide range of options including multiple speaker tracking, timestamps, time codes, and verbatim transcription. Our German linguists proofread every document twice to ensure accuracy and quality.


We ensure customized quality transcription services such as specific transcript formatting, templates or text marking to satisfy client requirements. We provide the clean verbatim option to correct all speech errors and slangs. With the full verbatim option, we ensure that transcript includes every speech error or slang as spoken in client’s native language. We also provide a Signed NDA to guarantee the confidentiality of the content and information shared by our clients. Additionally, for time stamping, clients can either opt for placing timestamps on change of speaker or at an interval of 2 minutes.

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In German we do provide multiple solutions & our transcription comes with:-

  • Guaranteed 99% Accuracy
  • Signed NDA on request
  • Clean/Full Verbatim options
  • Time stamping on request
  • Customized solutions
  • Transcripts in multiple format such as .DOCX/WEB/PDF etc

We send the final completed transcripts via email in normally a .DOCX format with a link to the website version available online to facilitate easy viewing and/or sharing of the transcript. Additionally, the transcript may be downloaded in .PDF format.


Our native German transcriber works on a variety of assignment to help you better. We provide immaculate transcription services covering a wide range of source material/content including:


A German transcript can serve as a valuable resource to help boost your business by letting you transcribe the text of your last client meeting or conference recorded in video into textual format. We at Pie Multilingual provide excellent German transcription services as per international standards. Our guaranteed commitment to quality ensures that our customers get best German transcription services.

Our native German transcriptionists provide reliable German to English transcription.

Native german transcribers

It’s Important to have Native transcribers to deliver good quality hence we have native german transcribers.

subject-based transcription

Our experts provide Subject-based transcriptions as per the client's requirements.

multi-language delivery

Our experienced and certified transcribers provide audio to text services in over 200 languages all over the world.

Affordable pricing

We provide quality services at affordable prices to save the little pocket of the client.

Partner with pioneer in German Transcription Services and rest assured to get quality service always

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