Outsource Medical Transcription Services

Does your firm face issues with medical transcription services? Need help in getting them done within few hours? Pie Multilingual is a single-stop to meet your medical transcription requirements. Our comprehensive medical transcription services includes dictation capture, transcription, and the final delivery of the files in a format of your choice. We have been providing Medical Transcription Services to government hospitals, Private clinics, multi-specialty clinics, physician practices and healthcare institutions. Our medical transcription team will enable you to relax, assured, that your work shall be taken care of effectively, timely and with zero errors.

Medical Transcription Expert

With 100% HIPAA Compliances we do offer a variety of medical transcription services including:

  • Discharge Summary
  • Emergency Room
  • Dictation for Doctors & Nurses
  • Rheumatology
  • HL7
  • Neurology
  • Psychiatry
  • Pathology
  • Radiology
  • Epidemiology
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Genetics
  • Gynecology
  • Hematology and many more

Apart from mentioned above we handle other medical transcription services to ensure everything is done properly and efficiently.

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Advantages of Medical Transcription Outsourcing Services

Being pioneer in medical transcription we do provide multiple support within stipulated time. Here is why we should be the natural choice for fulfilling your Medical Transcription outsourcing needs:

High-quality work

Each medical transcriptionist employed by us is tech-savvy, experienced, and highly skilled. Our five-step work process assures you quality work at all times.

Cost effective solution

Our reasonably priced medical transcription services will save the overall costing investment that the client does for the transcription process.


Our turnaround benefits ensure that records are provided within the deadline that is set by the client, assuring no compromise on the quality of the data.

HIPAA Compliance

All the medical transcription experts at our end undergo HIPAA training, and each healthcare process is 100% confidential and HIPAA compliant.

Experienced Medical Transcription Team

Our medical transcription teams are placed in India and abroad and each new recruit is trained rigorously in various specialized categories of medical record transcription before his induction. Our team is headed by Client Account Managers followed by Quality Associates, Proof-readers and Tier-1 Transcriptionists.

Adoption of three aspects in our working enables us to deliver effectively. They are:

  • Employment of right people
  • Employment of right process
  • Employment of right infrastructure

Medical Transcription Work Flow Process

We strive to deliver error free transcription to our customers. The core process involves a 5-step work flow which ensures that quality standards are met.

  • The voice files are uploaded by the client through FTP.
  • The files are downloaded and allocated to Tier-1 transcriptionist by the Client Account Manager.
  • The medical transcriptionist uses prescribed templates to transcribe the work which is sent for review to Proof-readers.
  • On reviewing and making changes if required, the files are sent to Quality Associates for feedback by the proof-reader.
  • Quality Associates use random sampling technique for quality checks after which feedback is sent to the earlier levels.
  • The Client Account Manager receives the completed transcripts which are forwarded to the client on his review.

Installation of right infrastructure has made it possible to keep up the efficient work without any glitches.

Partner with Experienced Medical Transcription Company

Pie Multilingual strengthen this trust by providing superior services that are customized to suit the requirements of each and every client. Being a multilingual medical transcription company is an added plus as then language becomes no challenge to offer the required services at still affordable costs. Hence, foreign clients prefer to choose offshore medical transcription company to get all their medical transcription needs met and concentrate their energies on core business activities and patient care.

Partner with Offshore Multilingual medical transcription company, a one-stop solution in medical transcription industry to meet your medical transcription demands.

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