Conferences, meetings, seminars, webinars, etc. holds an important stance in every business as the speakers delegate much significant information through these. Most of the sessions are recorded and later needs to transcribe for future references. Making an in-house investment on audio transcription services can cause huge monetary and skill burdens. The most preferred option is to outsource business transcription services saving both time and money with guaranteed accuracy and confidentiality of data and information.

In today’s times, the need for audio transcription has increased due to greater use of online audio and video materials by businesses. The use of webinars and podcasts for various business presentations, meetings etc is also on the increase and this has necessitated the need for business transcription services. Outsourcing business transcription services at Pie Multilingual can do just that- provide quality services that will meet all your needs.


Being multilingual audio transcription company we do provide a variety of business transcription solution to help you out. Ours’ multilingual business transcription solutions will help you with:

  • Corporate Transcription
  • Conference Transcription
  • Interview Transcription
  • Focus Group Transcription
  • Teleconference Transcription
  • Panel Discussion Transcription
  • Market Research Transcription
  • Webcast Transcription


The importance of business transcription in today’s businesses cannot be denied. Every business needs a written proof of all the happenings in their corporate meets, conferences, interviews or any other events affecting the financial, legal and marketing decisions of the organization. This is difficult to be achieved through in-house transcription team.

Outsourcing the work is a wise alternative and in this regard, it is necessary to choose one of the best in the field. It is the trained professionals alone, who can deliver accurate work at quick turnaround times so that your organization’s objectives are fulfilled; at the same time guaranteeing confidentiality of data.


Partnering with experienced audio Transcription Company will assure you to get superior service which will be accurate, affordable and match your requirements perfectly. Some of the advantages with us are:

Accuracy: Our transcripts go through multi-layered checks which ensure accuracy of highest levels. Our multilingual business transcriptionists are well-versed in transcribing different dialects and accents. Delivering accurate and quality work is a guarantee from our end.

Pocket friendly price: Our prices are competitive when compared to other players in the industry. This is possible as there is optimum matching of the relevant transcriptionist to an audio. Use of required resources at minimum costs helps us to provide quality services at affordable rates.

Fast submission time: We provide quick service, mainly due to all work being done in-house. Our experienced transcriber handle all urgent requests on top priority and constantly work towards providing 100% customer satisfaction.

Security and confidentiality: We assure confidentiality of information, in the audio files and transcripts at our end. Data entrusted to us can be accessed only by authorized personnel. With the server being protected by anti-virus software and firewalls, there is no chance of your data going into wrong hands.

File Formats: Technology of highest level is employed at our end. This enables us to deal with a wide array of file formats; for example, mp3, IC recorder, wma etc. Our services include transcribing traditional analog tapes as well as various formats of high definition digital media.

We, at Pie Multilingual provide expert transcription services to handle all your business transcription needs at reasonable costs.

Outsourcing Business Transcription to a Multilingual Transcription outsourcing company will help you to get a comprehensive solution in transcription services.

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