French is among the most popular and widely spoken languages around the world. With such a large audience prevailing worldwide, the demand of French transcription services is increasing day by day. Big or small, companies are finding outsourcing French transcription services as the best option to fulfill their customized requirements. A highly efficient team of in-house professionals follow a step by step approach for the transcription process helping clients to establish methodologically in the global market. We at Pie Multilingual provide excellent French transcription services at cost-effective prices and swift turnaround time. We can transcribe from a source document, video, and audio resources. Our highly-experienced, qualified linguists deliver better-than-expected results with accurate transcriptions.


Transcription services play a crucial role to outperform in business internationally which involves regular communication in foreign languages including French. We at Pie Multilingual provide high-quality transcripts. All our transcriptions are manually done by experienced native transcriptionists with guaranteed 99%+ accuracy.
We ensure complete customer satisfaction. Customers can send us the video/audio files for transcription by email, a secure FTP channel, or by other any other mode of information exchange. Additionally, we can also record conference calls to translate into French. We can manage bulk orders for over 10-20 hours immediately.

Our bespoke French transcription services include:

  • French legal transcription
  • French media transcription
  • French business data transcription
  • French video transcription
  • French audio editing
  • French audio transcription
  • French market research transcription
  • French academic research transcription
  • French medical transcription

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Being pioneer in French Transcription we do provide transcription on a variety of requirements including:-

  • Seminar transcription
  • Corporate video transcription
  • Lecture transcription
  • Financial reports transcription
  • Conference transcription
  • Focus group interview transcription
  • Panel discussions transcription
  • Documentaries transcription
  • Meetings transcription
  • Online classes transcription
  • Depositions transcription


French is a language that is difficult to master. Many popular French idioms and expressions sometimes even used officially need to be transcribed carefully. Our experienced professional linguists ensure to keep any transcribing mistakes at bay.

Our native french transcriber will provide:

Experienced Transcribers

French transcriptionists who are well-versed with the essentials of French language including grammar, punctuation, and spellings.

Varsetile services

Transcription services for any document including legal, medical, business, or corporate documents into French with complete accuracy.

Multiple Format

Transcription services for source files in different formats including Real Player, MP3, MP4, DVD/CDs, and WAV.

error-free transcription

Quality transcription for severe medical, legal, business, and corporate documents into error-free media.


Partnering with a company providing a variety of French transcription service will not just help you on multiple kinds of requirements however will also get cost effective service. Pie Multilingual is the fastest growing French transcription services provider company following a systematic process to offer up standard quality results to their clients. Want to expand your business worldwide? Or Are you looking French to English or English to French transcription services? Choose us as French transcription partner and get accurate, on-time & cost effective solution from an expert.

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