Outsourcing Insurance Transcription Services

Are you in need of high quality insurance transcriptions? Do you want your file interviews, recorded statements, summary reports with respect to health, automotive or home insurance transcribed? Then, look no further! PIE Multilingual is the most suitable business transcribing partner for small business insurance as well as large commercial insurance corporations!

The cost efficient insurance transcription services offered by PIE Multilingual empower the client’s business by delivering high quality insurance scripts and insightful advices according to the personalized requirements of the organizations.Also, the short turnaround time, intelligent insurance solutions offered by the in-house professionals helps them to work consistently towards the growth and profitability of the organization.

Reliable Insurance Transcribing Service Partner

We are a leading audio transcription outsourcing company providing accurate and reliable insurance transcription services. The core of every insurance claim proceedings is the recorded statement. Recorded statement is all information pertaining to the claim and is basically in the form of a question and answer format between the insurer and the claimant. It can contain information obtained from any other related person too and this determines the insurer’s obligations under the claim.

Accurate Transcription

Our multilingual business transcriptionists are well-versed in transcribing different dialects and accents.

Pocket-friendly price

This is possible as there is an optimum matching of the relevant transcriptionist to audio.

on-time delivery

Our transcriber handles all urgent requests on top priority to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

Security and confidentiality

Data entrusted to us can be accessed only by authorized personnel and by the clients.

Insurance Transcription Outsourcing Services

Being pioneer in Transcription services we do provide a variety of Insurance transcription including:

  • Recorded statements
  • Notes on probes and investigations
  • Summary reports
  • Property/theft damage reports and many more

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Insurance Transcription Expert Company

Insurance transcribing service is a challenging task which has been made easy by the availability of latest transcribing software and expert professionals at our end. Deciphering every word of the recorded statement requires special talent and skills as the transcriptionist has to sift through varied accents, incoherent and disjointed thoughts, background noises and get down to building a coherent text out of it. Verbatim transcriptions require all the uhs, ums, ahs and every possible utterance to be transcribed as it happens. You can choose between any of the following options of verbatim transcriptions:

Strict verbatim: It involves transcribing each and every word, utterance, false start in the recorded statement.

 Intelligent verbatim: It involves doing away with all the unwanted and irrelevant words from the subject matter.

Our staff is well-versed in this art and using the high-tech transcription software easily beats these challenges. We have transcribed several hundreds of such recordings of varied nature keeping in mind the client’s needs of maintaining data security of the highest levels. You can thus be assured of high quality output from our end.

Insurance Transcription process
  • Your video and audio files have to be sent at FTP/mail
  • You can place the required order in as fast a manner as possible choosing the most suitable option.
  • Your job is matched to the most suitable member of the staff to ensure the best results.
  • Our team of expert transcriptionists swiftly moves into action and delivers accurate results on the decided time.
  • Quality checks are placed at all the required levels.
  • Once your files are complete you will be notified through FTP, email etc
Partner with Insurance Transcription Company

PIE Multilingual is an industry leader in the field of insurance transcription Services with our clients spread all over the globe. We follow world class practices that help us to deliver 100% accurate transcriptions within the best possible time frames. Our high quality output is a result of our committed, ethical and professional approach that has led clients to put their trust into us again and again. There are multiple business benefits that you would like to know about Insurance Transcription.

Make PIE Multilingual your permanent partner for fulfilling all your Insurance transcription needs and enjoy full satisfaction!

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