You may be a teacher, a student, a researcher or a person related to the academic world. There are many situations when you have felt the need for a transcription service. It’s a face paced world now where we have to get rid of the old school ways of jotting down everything. Well, who wants to miss those important points in a lecture or presentation while writing it down at the same time?

In such a scenario recording plays a crucial role. Again transcribing those recordings in a legible form is time-consuming and an academician wouldn’t want to spend their valuable time on it. Now, this is where we come into play. Outsource all your academic transcription services to PIE Multilingual and get an error-free report for all your recordings.

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PIE Multilingual, as the name suggests offers transcription service in multiple languages and covers all academic areas including:

  • Discussions
  • Dissertations
  • Focus Group interviews
  • Interviews
  • Lectures
  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Research
  • Seminars

The above list is not exhaustive and offers much more academic transcription services. To know more, get in touch with Multilingual transcription experts.


PIE Multilingual offers quite simple and competitive transcription services which excel the market standards every time. Some of the unmatched advantages of PIE Multilingual services are:

Cost Affordability

Being a student or researcher, cost plays a crucial part. We are very affordable, owing to our reasonably priced plans.

High Quality Work

Expect an immaculate, high quality, and error-free work from the highly skilled transcribers.

On-time delivery

We prioritize all work based on urgency and deliver them on time; in many cases well before time.

24×7 support

Our support centre never sleeps. No matter when you need our help, we shall be there to offer our support.


Speed and accuracy are essential when it comes to the selection of highly experienced academic transcription team fulfilling clients’ needs in simple and easy way. Pairing with PIE Multilingual takes an extra overhead from the professors, academic professionals, researchers and students.

PIE Multilingual employs only the best-in- class transcriptionist. Our teams are highly skilled and experts in their respective fields. Our transcriptionists undergo rigorous training and practice sessions before they are put to real work. The in-house team is eligible for transcribing everything from dissertation materials, audio lectures, research notes, recordings with utmost dedication. The transcription works undergo multi-level scrutiny and proof-reading to ensure a high quality and error-free report.


PIE Multilingual has partnered with many academic institutions and individuals and received positive feedback. We have been work with both domestic and international clients for a long time. This has been boosting and strengthening our infrastructure and boosting our experience. Moreover, our plans and services are so simple and affordable that you would easily forgo your present service
provider for us.

Partnering with us will make you avail services for various academic formats including lectures, conferences, dissertations, post-graduation research, seminars, one-on-one interviews, etc. With decades of experience in academic transcription services, we offer high-quality final output to our clients in short time duration and cost effective rates, maintaining information security and confidentiality.

So without any delay, partner with PIE Multilingual academic transcription service – The one-stop destination for all your academic transcription needs.

Ready to Save your time by outsourcing Academic transcription?