Advancements in technology have impacted the methods of learning in today’s times. Now a day it’s common to have online lecture. Transcriptions of the lecture audios and videos have helped most students to become effective learners today. It is in fact difficult to measure the greatest benefit conferred by such educational and academic transcription on to a large section of deaf and hearing impaired set of students.

Outsourcing educational transcription services is the need for such scenarios. Hiring manpower for such services can cause an extra burden for a company. The educational transcription services offered by the professionals sitting inside these organizations are accurate and best of all saving a lot of their client’s time and money. This is the reason why our team of educational transcribers work keeping a goal in their minds delivering professional quality transcription services every time.


The need and importance of making available the text format of such lecture audios with 100% accuracy levels cannot be undermined. We are a leading global educational transcription services provider and our transcriptionists are trained professionals from various research disciplines. We have worked with a large number of leading universities across Europe and USA and our transcriptionists have demonstrated their skills in providing accurate and reliable transcripts in any language. In addition to lectures, we also provide professional transcription services for conventions, seminars, educational discussions or speeches as a part of a comprehensive educational transcription package.

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Hiring an education transcription expert is one of the best tools for all the educational professionals, as they put audio or video files in a legible text format. The multitude of benefits offered by the educational transcription expert has made lives easier than ever. They came as a boon for the students who are either deaf or hard at hearing as it is impossible for them to follow audio lectures, seminars, recordings,etc. The generated scripts are the easiest way to follow the education related files.

Pie Multilingual is a namesake when comes the name of an educational transcription expert. Our specialized educational transcriber would be able to help you on multiple transcriptions including:-

  • Class room lectures
  • Debates, group discussions
  • Video conferences, seminars, audio books
  • Presentations, online teaching, videos
  • Special lectures by esteemed personalities
  • Recorded communication meant for research

Our educational transcription solutions fall under two categories:

Real time educational transcription

The real time educational transcription is highly useful to the deaf and hearing impaired as it is otherwise difficult for them to track the happenings in the classroom. We provide transcription services meaning-for-meaning instead of verbatim transcription in such cases. It implies that the students are provided with the meaning of the recorded data minus the background sounds of say a flying airplane or any other false starts. Instead non-verbal data such as the speaker’s facial expressions or emphasis on certain words are all included for his or her learning.

All interested institutes can instruct professors to hold lectures speaking through microphones whereby the transcriptionist will provide audio transcription service and ensure that the students get the transcription on their computer device.

Non-real time educational transcription

In this category, videotape and webcast transcription of seminars and classroom lectures are provided. On receipt of the videotape or webcast link, our transcriptionists get into action. If captioning of the audio or video files is needed all that the client has to do is to log on to the server at our end and upload the file. Varied file formats such as wav, mp3, mov, wmv, wma etc are accepted by us and they will be formatted as desired by the client. A login id will be provided to the client whereby the information to be transcribed can be uploaded besides accessing and managing older transcripts.

Reliable Educational Transcription Services Provider

We are aware of the budgetary constraints faced by educational institutes and hence our transcribing services cost cause no unnecessary drain on your resources. Our expertise and state of the art infrastructure for transcription leave no room for any doubt on our capability. Our experience in providing professional transcription services in this field to varied sectors only goes to vouch our guarantee of quality.

Reasons to associate with us are:

accurate content

We provide High-quality transcription with 100% accuracy.

Affordable Price

Our Reliable services are structured for cost valid prices.


we ensure confidentiality of client's data and information.

Superior quality work

Fulfilling the delivery targets without compromising quality

Partner with Pioneer in Educational Service Provider and ensure that your next transcription is a great success!

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