When conducting huge business conferences, meetings, seminars or any event with long audio hour involvement brings the need of transcription or translation of such recorded or online sessions. Conversion into accurate and quality transcription files is indispensable as can be kept for further future references. This is the reason why companies outsource audio transcription services to experts who are well versed with grammar, punctuation and native languages deciphering interviews, online live sessions, forums, dictations, speeches, and teleconferences with utmost ease.

Would you like to get your audio speech typed in word format? Are you looking a company who can support you from Audio to text conversion? You are at right page as PIE Multilingual – is a trusted name in audio transcription to lower your effort. Our experienced transcriber would be able to transcribe your audio belonging to any industry. Get quick and accurate transcription from Multilingual audio transcription company within a short time.

Medical Transcription Outsourcing India

Physicians usually dictate patient analysis, histories, diagnoses, etc. when done with evaluation of the case condition, making medical transcription outsourcing impeccable in India. The strict rules formed by the Government in the Indian healthcare sector have made it imperative to generate a full-fledged case history report of the patient consisting diagnosis, prescriptions, etc. Majority of hospitals, multi-specialty centers are hiring medical transcription experts offering accuracy at competitive pricing.

We are making the lives of physicians, surgeons simple by offering quality Medical transcription services for years. Our services include capturing dictation, transcription and delivery of the final version in any format of your choice. Our services are customized according to your requirements. We are committed to deliver best quality to exceed your expectations.

Legal and Media Transcription services

Every lawyer’s office or legal department contains a large list of audio recordings, dictated information to transcribe. Hiring legal transcription service expert is the need for such situations. The in-house teams of transcribers offer transcriptions on briefs, interviews, general correspondence, preliminary hearings, legal examinations, depositions, court proceedings, sworn statements, etc.
Moreover, many media companies, journalists, production houses, television networks also outsource media transcription services to get subtitling, changing videos to native languages and customized formats as requested by the client.

With a variety of clients in the legal sector varying from small, medium and large sized multinationals, we offer a comprehensive range of legal transcription services. We have the capability of transcribing from digital recordings or video, audio tapes or even from a Dictaphone. Simultaneously we bring time coded Media Transcription Services with our professionally trained transcribers who are efficient in delivering 100% accurate transcriptions on all of your recordings.

Market Research Transcription Outsourcing

Most of the blunders made in business have originated from inadequate market research. Thus, market research plays the most vital role in making any critical decision. Analyzing the audio transcription for focus group interview, opinion polls, one-on-one recorded interviews, recorded telephone interviews and much more with in depth key insights is our specialization.

Our wide range of market research transcription service will help you to take critical business decisions and get maximum return on investment. Ours’ Market research transcription services are fast, accurate and affordable and specifically suited to each market research companies need.

Academic Research Transcription

The basic work of an academic transcriber is to covert an audio, video files into a legible text. While attending important lectures, group discussions, interviews, conferences, etc. you never want to miss a single word from a speaker as you may get distracted while doing both the tasks at the same time. Also, everything that is orated cannot be remembered. Here come academic research transcription services experts who transfer files into meaningful texts.

We do provide academic research transcription services to meet the growing needs of students, teachers, researchers and authors across the globe. Our academic research transcription services provide high-end transcriptions of lectures, interviews, seminars, dissertations and much more.

We also help academicians with their presentations, essay writing, white papers, articles for journals etc. We are working with international universities to provide accurate and concise transcripts of one to one interviews, focus groups, research interviews or research lectures.


With a multilingual company language is no barrier. Organizations are connecting with the professionals from multilingual audio outsourcing company to establish an efficient communication with their clients. Transcribing audios into native texts is quite a task and can consume a lot of time and money of the organization. With multitudes of benefits involved, multilingual audio outsourcing is high on demand.

We at PIE Multilingual do provide multiple advantages with:

multilingual Transcription

Our experts provide Multilingual transcription in any foreign language.

satisfactory results

Accurate and compact transcripts developed by professionals.

Accurate Transcription

We provide Exact transcripts based on your requirements of the client.

Multiple format support

We assist with a wide range of audio file formats and transcript them accordingly.

Reach us today for audio transcription outsourcing to ensure high level transcription services with the utmost accuracy and best quality end result transcription solutions for any industry domains.

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