Multilingual Audio transcription

Foreign language audio transcription Outsourcing services, although is totally dependable upon the research interests that a client pursue for business issues, academic concerns or the entertainment ones, but the choice of an experienced specialist also lies in the question. We suggest you to fulfill your requirements before embarking a new project and prosper along with us taking your projects and simultaneously your company to an unmatchable height. Regardless of the pattern, be it teleconferencing, clinical summary, financial research transcription, feasible study or verbatim transcripts, we are here for you. Mapping the spoken languages, French, German, Japanese, Spanish or similar to that into words and that too in regard of accuracy should have a firm approach.

Medical Transcription Outsourcing India

We are making the lives of physicians simple by offering quality Medical transcription services for years. Our services include capturing dictation, transcription and delivery of the final version in any format of your choice. Our services are customized according to your requirements.

A number of our global clients are relying on our quality services to improve their overall performance. We are committed to deliver the best end product time and again so as to exceed your expectations.

PIE MULTILINGUAL can help you in outsourcing transcription services related to reports like:

  • Notes from teleconference
  • Patient medical history reports
  • Patient charts
  • Summary of medical records
  • Reports from the emergency room
  • Notes during surgery
  • Clinical summary
  • Progress report
  • Discharge summary

Legal and Media Transcription services

Taking our clients into confidence is our priority and so we deliver the transcripts with proofreading in the best possible time. Hence, the demand of our transcription services has blossomed with the years. With a variety of clients in the legal sector varying from small, medium and large sized multinationals, we offer a comprehensive range of legal transcription services. We have the capability of transcribing from digital recordings or video, audio tapes or even from a Dictaphone. Simultaneously we bring to you time coded Media Transcription Services with our professionally trained transcribers who are efficient in delivering 100% accurate transcriptions for high profile events and media briefings.

Market Research Transcription Outsourcing

Blind business decisions can lead to catastrophe. Most of the blunders made in business have originated from inadequate market research. Thus, market research plays the most vital role in making any critical decision. Analyzing the audio transcription for focus group interview, opinion polls, one-on-one recorded interviews, recorded telephone interviews and much more with in depth key insights is our specialization. Along with that we allow the researcher to reach on a definite conclusion to capture the full meaning of what was said.

PIE MULTILINGUAL offers a wide range of market research transcription solutions to help you take critical business decisions and get maximum return on investment. Ours’ Market research transcription services are fast, accurate and affordable and specifically suited to each market research companies need.

Your preferred strategic partner to handle transcription outsourcing services for followings:

  • Digital Audio transcription services
  • Market Research transcription
  • Pharmaceutical research
  • Brand positioning research
  • Business research – B2B and B2C
  • Industry analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Feasibility study
  • CATI Research campaigns

Academic Research Transcription

PIE MULTILINGUAL provides professionally-written academic research transcription services to meet the growing needs of students, teachers, researchers and authors across the globe. Our academic research transcription services provide high-end transcriptions of lectures, interviews, seminars, dissertations, theses and much more.

We also help academicians with their presentations, essay writing, white papers, articles for journals etc. We share a scintillating bond with various international universities and we together aim to provide accurate and concise transcripts of one to one interviews, focus groups, research interviews or research lectures.

When it comes to media, we are flexible to accept from traditional audio cassettes up till latest digital audio files like mini discs and DAT tapes for university research transcription. Upon receiving your files, our team starts to transcribe that audio-visual content into accurate, high-quality and very well written documents as per your style-guide.


  • Accurate and concise transcripts having familiarity with subjects
  • Verbatim transcripts based on your requirements
  • Support for a wide range of audio file formats
  • Information security and confidentiality
  • Multilingual university transcription in any foreign language
  • Quick turnaround time

With a plenty of on-time services, we specialize both in qualitative as well as quantitative aspects in making our services reach your end. To get your transcription requirements fulfilled, don’t wait for long. We are just one step away.

Reach us today for audio transcription outsourcing to ensure high level transcription services with the utmost accuracy and best quality end result transcription solutions in any foreign language.!

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